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As a networking NGO and a proponent for strengthening civil society, JANIC's activities have revolved around the following activities:

Promote Partnership among NGOs

  • Coordinate meetings and cooperation among JANIC’s official member NGOs.
  • Cooperation with other network NGOs.
  • Cooperation with NGOs overseas.

Strengthen Capacity and Social Responsibility of NGOs

Research and Advocacy

  • Research and Advocacy on Japanese official development assistance(ODA) aid effectiveness and on civil society organization(CSO) development effectiveness.
  • Serve as the focal point and secretariat for the formal meetings between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan(MoFA) and Japan International Cooperation Agency(JICA).

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Promote Support and Participation by Citizens with NGOs

  • Operation of NGO-Citizens Information Center to provide various NGO information to the public.
  • Coordination of Global Festa, the biggest annual festival for international cooperation held in Tokyo, co-organized with the MoFA and JICA.
  • Participation in various events related to international cooperation.
  • Organization of lectures regarding international cooperation and NGOs.
  • Publication of “Synergy” which is JANIC's journal related to the latest NGO activities and recent NGO trends.
  • Updating the NGO Directory through the website.

Promoting Dialogue and Networking with Other Sectors of Society

JANIC collaborates with other social institutions which are concerned with international assistance (or international common cause). It includes international centers (or sections) of local governments, enterprises, and labor unions. JANIC provides them with necessary information and advice concerning international voluntary activities at the grassroots level. Also, JANIC has served as the secretariat for both the NGO-Trade Union International Collaboration Forum since 2004 and the NGO Network for CSR Promotion since 2008.

Great East Japan Earthquake
Relief Activities in the Affected Areas by International NGOs

Following the March 11, 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake, many Japanese development NGOs that usually work overseas offered emergency relief and rebuilding support. The Taskforce for Disaster Response was established on March 12, 2011, in order to help ensure that these NGOs could effectively apply their knowledge and experience from overseas aid activities to domestic relief activities. The Taskforce helped facilitated activities by international NGOs, public organizations and affiliated networks, corporations, local non-profit organizations, local citizens groups in Tohoku, and other civil society organizations both in Japan and overseas. At the end of March 2014, the Taskforce officially concluded its 3-year mission. Some of the projects undertaken by the Taskforce have become parts of existing projects by JANIC and other organizations, so that the efforts to increase disaster preparedness can continue.


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